My Philosophy

My design philosophy is based on the principles of learner-centered design, which places the student at the center of the experience.  I believe that adult learners are self-directed, have a wealth of life experience and knowledge, and learn best when they can make an immediate application in real-life situations. Therefore, I thoroughly analyze the learner’s needs and goals. I design educational experiences that build on the learner’s prior knowledge and are flexible enough to meet their individual needs and preferences.

More About Me

As a long-time homeschool parent and committed community volunteer, I have experience creating curricula in many subjects, including English, science, social studies, and history, with a religious focus. The flexible principles of design that I utilize can be applied in both pedagogy and andragogy.

Enjoy this short animation about me.

This animation was created by my daughter (and final homeschool student) for my Leader Teacher program.

I’m an empathetic ENFP. I love learning about people. I’m an enthusiastic and engaged team player but I also thrive when given an opportunity to really focus on a task. I have long held the belief that I should “live, not just survive” and I endeavor to do that by exploring many interests. I always say, “As a teacher, I am first a learner.” I’m also a giver and a doer.

My Resume

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